Memories from Ooty Trip

This is one of the video from our wonder trip of ooty. Little back ground story, we had a special character in our group, Nasrin. Most notorious and irritating many times ;). She has some in built battery that gets discharge too fast but easy to charge back if she gets plateful of rice. Before this video was taken, she was half dead, not able to walk on her own. Just watch how her facial expression changes with each grain of rice going in her mouth 😀

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Adieu to 2010 and Welcome to 2011

2010 was the year that came with lots of different colors – Some dark and some bright. This year, many friend left Hyderabad for good, but then I also made lots of new good friends. 🙂

This year was full of roller coaster experience for me. First started with a failure of entrepreneurial adventure then abandonment of second adventure, but then some return of success from third one.

Trekking to Tapovan was the most mesmerizing experience I had this year.It is the place where you really meet yourself, can understand your existence and relation with the world around you.

The departing year has given me a lot of things to carry forward, and I would love to thank 2010 for it. I am also looking forward to 2011 with lots more excitement to happen.

I usually don’t like making  resolution but I will carry forward the same resolution, I made sometime back that I will do more stuff than just wishing for them.

Welcome 2011! I am waiting for you 🙂

Few Snapshots of 2010:

New Year 2010 Trip to Home (Himachal)

The Light @ IIT Kanpur

From Tadianmol_Trekking
From Badrinath Trip with Family
From Ajantha Trip
From Tapovan

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Kya Vishal Bhardwaj Bhi Chor Hain?

Today, when I was going through my RSS feed reader, I found one interesting post. Look like this time Vishal Bhardwaj  went beyond just inspiration for music and copied music a famous Russian folk song for his up coming movie “7 khoon maaf” (7KM)

Have a look guys! What a shame ! 🙁

One Version of the Russian Folk Song:

Official Trailer of 7KM:

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A song/poem dedicated to me by someone :)

Today morning, a close friend of mine dedicated this song/poem to me. Though she was not able to complete it. I am posting the entire poem – Thanks Aahana 🙂

Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain
Tum hoti to kaisa hota, tum yeh kehti, tum voh kehti
Tum is baat pe hairaan hoti, tum us baat pe kitni hansti
Tum hoti to aisa hota, tum hoti to vaisa hota
Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum Yunhi saath saath chalte Teri baahon mein hai jaanam Mere jism-o-jaan pighalte Yeh
kahan aa gaye hum Yunhi saath saath chalte

Yeh raat hai, yeh tumhaari zulfein khuli hui hai
Hai chaandni ya tumhaari nazrein se meri raatein dhuli hui hai
Yeh chaand hai ya tumhaara kangan Sitaarein hai ya tumhaara aanchal
Hawa ka jhonka hai ya tumhaare badan ki khushboo
Yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsaraahat ke tumne chupke se kuch kaha hai
Yeh sochta hoon main kab se gumsum
Ke jab ki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai Ke tum nahin ho, kahin nahin ho
Magar yeh dil hai ke keh raha hai
Ke tum yahin ho, yahin kahin ho

O, tu badan hai main hoon chhaaya Tu na ho to main kahan hoon Mujhe pyaar karne waale Tu jahan hai main vahan hoon Hamein milna hi tha
hamdam Issi raah pe nikalte Yeh kahan aa gaye hum Yunhi saath saath chalte Mm, meri saans saans maheke Koi bheena bheena chandan Tera pyaar chaandni hai Mera dil hai jaise aangan Koi aur bhi mulaayam Meri shaam dhalte dhalte Yeh kahan aa gaye hum Yunhi saath saath chalte

Majboor yeh haalaat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Tanhaai ki ek raat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi
Kehne ko bahut kuch hai, magar kisse kahe hum
Kab tak yunhi khaamosh rahe aur sahe hum
Dil kehta hai duniya ki har ek rasm utha de Deevaar jo hum dono mein hai, aaj gira den
Kyoon dil mein sulagte rahe, logon ko bata de Haan humko mohabbat hai, mohabbat hai, mohabbat
Ab dil mein yehi baat, idhar bhi hai udhar bhi

Yeh kahan aa gaye hum Yunhi saath saath
chalte Yeh kahan aa gaye hum

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