Final year Photo Shot

Time run really fast.Now its a time for Final year Photo shot.

All EnC janta was adhered to formal dress.
I am always surprised and think what gals should have to wear when asked for formal dress code.Saree?? or Salwar??.But in our photo shot all gals came in salwaar.Though I personally like gals in saree. They look beautiful , fabulous and completly desi in saree.

We all guys were ready for a last time formal dress pics. More than our final year pic, people were more concern about orkut pic.Each and every location being searched keepin orkut in mind.Everyone want a solo pic and giving all kind of possible pose that will look good and possibly able to seduce some gals in orkut ;).

And soon mom appeared from nowhere.I dont know why but her entry always remind me of the Theme music of Don.And as usual I didnt noticed that our HOD was also there.
But the main person who was absent was our C.R. , yaswant. God knows why.But we left a space for him in our pic and obviously we will morph him at that place.

Some more people were also absent.Lad asha and Hamish.

I got a middle place in that pic on the second row just behind mom.And anushka was standing on my right.Obviously she didnt liked that position. After all, no 5 feet gal wanna to stand and have a photo with 6 feet 2 inch guy.I can hear that she was pestering kala to stand with me.But she was not convinced.

Just after that formal final year photo shot we had our own kewl photo shot.And so first we paid our homage to Srinivas Mallya . We had all kind of possible solo and group pose with his statue.We had all pose from hugging to kissing 🙂 . And then we marched to our dept.Department was already closed.We had a nice pic with PSB sir.I cant mention how fun it was having a pic in our scariest DSP lab.By this time not much of the people were left out.And from gals side only Rashmi Bhabhi, supriya and revathi was there.

Then atlast we people turned back to hostel with a plan of having more coolest orkut pic on Govinda day.

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