Orkut is Banned.

Yeah!!! Finally orkut is banned in my college too.Orkut is now a days is also termed as a disease for Corporate and Educational Institutes's Internet Bandwidth.

As like any other event, this banning in my college has too came up with some true-false story.And the story says that Mondal went to CCC and complained that net is too slow and also having problem in opening Orkut. And so, CCC blessed him with his one out of two wish that they improved the speed at the cost of Orkut :(.

Now I feel that orkut is in people's vain. They can't live and even can't think without it.People find it worthless browsing net without it.

Surly some geek decided to crack this up and start using orkut through some other way.And started with some proxy site like kproxy.com . But it was all waste.Then suddenly someone said that powerscrap.com is working superbly.

But when I opened it in Firefox, I was just able to sign in but not able to open scrap book.So I was confused and obviously sad.But then I tried it in Internet Explorer and wow!!! It worked.

So ultimately , I am back on orkut.But for how long??!!! sooner or later , Authority will come to know about this too and so obviously they will ban this too.

But whatever happen in future, this is true that Orkut now a days is plague and authorities and higher people are trying their best to eradicate this.

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