North Indian Curd !!! South Indian Curd !!!

During one of our usual lunch time, when the entire team member were having lunch in new campus Cafeteria. Out of the blue sky, Sujit came with an amazing statement, “North Indian Curd is different from South Indian!!”

I many time heard that North Indian are Different from South Indian, but first time I heard anything about curd like this!!!

Once we asked how you differentiate North Indian Curd and South Indian Curd, all curd is made in a same way and there is no other special procedure to make it. He backed his words with its taste of “Khatta” ( Tamil :- pulippu ; Telugu :- pullaga ) . South Indian Curd is more Khatta than North Indian.

Then Isharat explained that Khatta is all because of how long you keep it to become Curd. It is no where related to north or south.

But Vikas came up as Sujit savior with his own-styled humorous explanation of the topic. According to him, “Curd is made of Milk, and cow gives milk and cow living in north India and south India can be different!!!” Seriously, Patchers thinks a lot !!!

Everyone laughed!!!

And I thought, “As if North Indian cow eats Roti Sabjhi and South Indian cow eats Rice Shambhar!!!”

And so I concluded, “For god shake!! Please divide only human not cow or curd!!!”

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