My First Volvo travel !!!

I was going to Bangalore to meet my college buddies after a very long time.

When I used to live in Assam, We usually take “super deluxe” bus for Guwahati. And so as I was booking ticket for Bangalore, it reminded me my Assam‘s days.

Thus, while booking my ticket, I insisted for seat near window and so they promised me for that. It put me in surprise to know that it cost 700 buck from Hyderabad to Bangalore!!! God knows why they are charging so much?! May be it is again because of IT impact for Hyderabad and Bangalore. All IT professionals are accused of price hike in these cities. And I hope all government employee at these place will feel honor to kill IT professionals anytime.

On the day of my journey, I took MMTS till Hyderabad Station and the bus stop was a walk able distance from station. Peacefully, I reached 2 hrs before the scheduled departure. While waiting, I was browsing and listening songs on my cell.

After some time I asked the bus-wala chap about my seat (just to confirm). And what!!! They gave me non-window seat. And that really pissed me off!!!

I told him that they promised for the window seat, so how can they give some other seat!!! That person tried to console me and asked how it matters if it is window seat or not. It is a night journey and you won’t get any view outside. To defend myself, I explained that I have absolute no problem with it, but I am little bit uncomfortable in bus journey. So I shouldn’t be blamed of something come out of me there (I hinted them that I may puke in bus). And on my comment, he gave me a frown and said that in that case window seat is not good enough. I too gave him a double frown for this. I pestered him again for window seat. He told me that he will try to arrange me a window seat but can’t promise. In any case, I had no choice, so I get agreed.

After half an hour, this bus came up, and one of them escorted us to the exact location from where we are supposed to take the bus. In bus, I found that some other person was seating on my place and there is no one on his window side. The person, who escorted me till bus, asked me to seat on the window seat. Actually the person sitting on my place was confused with the seating number. He tried to confirmed it with me and I made him fool (that what I think!!!) by saying that even I don’t know about the sitting arrangement. My agent told me that this is my seat.

I was damn happy to get the window seat. After Assam, I was having a trip in bus after a very long time. I like window seat because of the fresh air coming from window and I can even peek outside. So I thought of opening the window. I was searching for its handle. But by my surprise!! There was no handle!!! In fact, window can’t be open!! This really surprised me!! And then only I started feeling that there is somewhat little cold inside the bus. It took me no time to understand that this is an AC bus.

Suddenly the image of frowned Bus-wala came in front of me. And I realized why he was frowning and trying hard to convince that window seat is not good if I want to bum. And why they were charging so much. It is not because of IT, it is because of AC. I laughed on me, pulled my chair back and get relaxed to enjoy my ever first travel in VOLVO.

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