Swine Flu in NIT Surathkal!

I just had a talk with my brother, who is studying in NIT Surathkal presently.According to him,, there are four cases of Swine Flu. One of case is confirmed with medical report, whereas other three’s report yet to come.

The guy who have the confirmed swine flu is a DASA guy. (DASA is a special quota in the college for NRI students). The source of the contact with the flu for the patient is obvious as it was the starting of new semester and everyone just came back from home.

My brother knows only about the two guys, as they are his batchmates.Warden visted hostels block and instructed some dos and donts. Also students were asked to buy mask from college dispensary at Rs5 (which I believe that it should be free!). Moreover, students are also following their own precaution like staying away from CSE students (as the first victim belong to that branch), DASA students and close friends of all victim. Unfortunately, students who has normal fever are also facing the brunt of this apartheid.

From my side, I have suggested my brother to buy some good mask if possible from outside and stay away from crowded place.I have also promised him to forward the mail that my office sent me regarding dos and donts of swine flu.I wish they get some small quarantine vacation and then I can call my bro home 🙂

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