Monthly Archives: July 2010

My Team @ CA

My ServiceDesk – QA Team in CA-ITC, Hyderabad. People missing are Neeraja, Sunil, Jagan and Murali Update: Thanks Harikanth for letting me know that I forgot Sunil and Jagan 🙂

Calvin and Hobbes – Worry!

“Worry is like a rocking chair–it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

हम कवि!

आओ हम कवि मिलकर कवि सम्मेलन करे, कुछ तेरी , कुछ मेरी कविताओ का विश्लेसन करे! शब्दों में छुपी एक दुनिया देखे, बचपन की यादें ,गलिया और चौबारे देखे ! प्रेमी के प्रेम की नदिया देखे, माँ की ममता की दरिया देखे! उस नदिया दरिया में डूबी हुई आपनी साँसे देखे, एक कवि के सोच […]

[Puzzle] Gibson Escape Room

Last week I had started puzzle series with Crimson Room escape game. It really got the fame with 50+ unique visit in a week time. I found only one two smart guys who was were able to complete within 1 hour without any help. I have received lots of request from friends to publish one more game. […]