Another Heart Breaking Incident for WildLife Lovers

There is another heart breaking incident happened for wild life enthusiast and lovers near Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve (TATR). A sloth bear strayed into nearby village. When Forest Official was trying to trap the animal, local mob took over the case and started beating the bear.

Trapped Bear

Helpless bear trapped and beaten by local mob

Those villagers had an intention of beating the bear to death mercilessly. Fortunately, bear somehow managed to escape to near by forest. Still the bear is now too injured to be left on his own. The Jungle rules clear says that there is no place for weak or ailing animal. And for this bear the ailment has come not on his own, but from man.Unless the bear is tranquilized, captured and cured, the cloud over his existence in the forest will remain unclear.

There was lots of violation and mishandling happened from forest official side. First and foremost, during such animal rescue mission, they have to vacate the place from any mob or other human activity so that forest officials will have space and security to work. Second, they literary did nothing when mob was bashing that innocent animal. And third, that villagers are not well aware about wild animals and their importance in our life .

Unfortunately, this news is not covered so well. I found this on ibnlive(but not able to get much info from google). Even on twitter there is very few tweets about it (only 3 or 4 by the time I was writing this). After reading a blog about #CCDSUCKS, I feel that we as a onlineĀ socialite(Facebooker or tweeterian) are empowered enough to take some visible action for anything going around us.

I am going to tweet “@WildlifeSOS Need 2 save d injured sloth bear tht ws beaten up by mob b4 it is too late #savetadobabear #savebear”

I hope you guys can too spare a tweet or a facebook status message in support for the bear.

PS: Use of “his” in place of “it/its” was intentional for the bear šŸ˜€

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