Calvin and Hobbes – Environment

“Earth  provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” Mahatma Gandhi

After writing “Lakes -Life Line of City”, I felt that we are not leaving this planet livable for any of us. Our mother earth took millions of years to develop, evolve and create a life sustaining environment. It was well said by Mahatma Gandhi that earth has enough to satisfy every man’s need -our basic need of food, water and shelter – but not every man’s greed – from exotic imported canned food to numerous luxurious bungalow, from super comfort racing car to high end home interior. If we try to be little less greedy I hope we can save a lot for our children. I am sure “environment policy” will be the best “Child policy” you can gift to your child. I hope they won’t see a time when there was no place worth leaving for, going to or even taking a refuge.

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