[Movie] Kites – Watch it online!

It’s raining cats and dogs in most of the places. People are stuck in their room. This movie is a dedication to all of my friends who have not yet watched it and also for those who would love to watch it again. Enjoy and let me know if you like this movie or not!

PS: It is 12 10min parts of the movie. Don’t worry you don’t have to search for other part. It is automatic playlist, at the end of each part next part will start automatically. So Relax and Enjoy!! 🙂

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Dedicated to all Veggies!!

Reason Why I DONT eat Veg....

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Padosan (1968) [Watch Online Free]

A wonderful ever green hindi comedy movie directed by Jyoti Swaroop with arguably best performance by Sunil Dutt, Kishor kumar, Mahamood and Saira banu.

This movie can be watched online free on Youtube. Click below to enjoy the old wine 🙂

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How to host music on your site?

I have been long looking for some open source solution to host music on my site. Then finally I found an easy to go solution.

I came across opentape project. You just have to download a 251KB zip file and extract it on your site and there you ready to go 🙂

Follow the following steps:

1. Download latest version from opentape.fm/download/archive/opentape-latest.zip

2. Copy and extract it at your hosting site location (eg http://yourdomain/to_directory/)

3. Then go to the same location on your browser (http://yourdomain/to_directory/)

4. Provide admin password.

5. You are now to ready to host songs. Either upload songs through admin portal or directly ftp it to the song folder.

You can see a working demo at http://music.sumeetsahu.com/friendshipday

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