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Another Heart Breaking Incident for WildLife Lovers

There is another heart breaking incident happened for wild life enthusiast and lovers near Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve (TATR). A sloth bear strayed into nearby village. When Forest Official was trying to trap the animal, local mob took over the case and started beating the bear. Those villagers had an intention of beating the bear […]

Why do we need to save Tigers?

My previous blog talked about how to save tigers. But now I feel that there was something missing. I was asking myself – “Why anyone would be interested to save tigers when they don’t know why to save Tigers?” The Tiger is not just another predator in wildlife, but it is also a pivotal indicator […]

How can we save Tiger?

Most of us might have seen “aircel” endorsing “Save our Tigers” effort. And many of my friends – in office and across facebook- asked that how can such online effort can save tigers? During my third (second in a single year) trip to Kanha National Park , Sudipto led up this topic with us (Dhiren, Mabhi, […]